Branding Design

Here is a partial list of design services I offer. For examples of past work, check out the portfolio.

  • Editing existing images

    Need that old photo retouched? Everything black and white except for one part of the image? Change the background of the image? Put someone else’s head on your dog’s body? I can do that, while you wait, in under an hour and for $80.

  • Illustration of new images

    Illustration is one of my favorite things to do. If you need a hand-drawn or digitally created graphic, this is the right place. Line drawings cost $80, full color or greyscale drawings are $300, and photographic illustrations are $200. See some examples.

  • Creating or cleaning or reworking logos

    Some of my clients have a small version of their logo they need larger, others want to start fresh or just tweak fonts or colors. Don’t worry, I can do that. it’s around $150 for your clean up and digitization, or starting at $250 for a brand new logo.

  • Designing letterhead

    You know, the thing at the top of your stationary with your logo and contact information that makes you look professional. Let me make or fix yours for $150.

  • Designing T-shirt digital file

    Lots of bands, groups, orgaizations, etc. want their own T shirt. Not every one has a digital artist. I’ll help you with the design, and leave you with files ready to go to the printer for $125.

  • Designing business cards

    Business or pleasure, I can format and design your calling card to comunicate effectively and say something uniqe about you. You get a digital file proofed, colored, and ready to go for $125.

  • Designing fliers and posters

    Hosting an event, party, or show? I’ll combine your photos, logos, and information for a flyer ready to print and throw in a digital version optimized for the web for $150.

  • Package Design

    Does anyone buy CDs anymore? I can design you or your band a front-and-back CD, DVD, or other product case for $250, with your own photos and art. Just $50 extra per page for a lyric or shout-out booklet.

  • Poem or literary illustration

    If you or someone you know is a literary type, think about collaborating with me for a digital collage or hand-drawn graphic that visually tells your story, along with typesetting your inpsirational quote, poem, or story. Makes a gorgeous gift. Starting at $150 per page.

  • Event stationary, invitation, program design
  • Video production and editing

    I can shoot, edit, and produce your training video, event, or short film. Starts at $1000 for a video under ten minutes, contact me for pricing for more involved projects. See an example clip I edited.

  • Web sites – informational

    A simple, attractive website with up to 5 subpages for your personal use, small business, organization, or class. HTML5 coding and comes with a snazzy visual editor for your easy updates. My design charge is $800. I will help you setup your very own domain name ( included.

  • Web sites – deluxe

    These sites have up to ten subpages and can optionally include special features like ecommerce or paypal. HTML5 coding and comes with a snazzy visual editor for your easy updates. My design charge is $1200.

  • Web sites – WordPress

    These sites are purely html and css-coded, for ultimum compatibility across broswers and mobile devices. Includes custom0built theme, and all the plugins you need for unlimited functionality. Cost varies with complexity of project (let’s talk!), but generally falls in the $2,000-9,000 dollar range.

If you’re interested, let’s meet over skype, gchat, on the phone, or in person in an Oakland coffee shop to talk about your specific needs, wants, and aesthetic. I’d love to meet you!