Hourly Website Edits

Did your web designer dump you? Unfortunately, it’s a common story, and nowadays no web designer wants to work on a website someone else made.

We are weirdos who like helping people, even if it’s not particularly easy or cost-effective for us to do so. After a one-time 3-hour minimum to dig in and learn the ropes of how your particular website works (waived for sites we made, obviously!), we can be on hand to do edits a-la-carte as needed, anything from making an html newsletter to doing your updates, adding SSL security, or adding a blog post. There is a one-hour minimum to all further work, which can be waived with a monthly maintenance plan. Our hourly rate is $200.

Think of it as having your own in-house part time web guy, who knows your project and logins and always returns your calls. Though we are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we serve websites all over the world!

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