How much does a website cost (Oakland)?

So you realized you need a website. Naturally, the first question on anyone’s mind is, how much is it going to cost? Obviously, there’s a huge range of options and in the Bay Area, there are many agencies who won’t even take your call if your budget is under $14k.

At our agency, the average price for a website is about $6,000, and we’ve made simple one-page sites for as little as $500. It’s the best deal in the Oakland/Berkeley/San Francisco area that I know of for web design.

Obviously, everyone’s project is different, and the most accurate quote comes after a 30 minute consultation (which you can book for free here!). But, if you’re in a hurry, I have instant quote calculators for Squarespace Website Design and for WordPress sites (what’s the difference?).

How to use the instant website quote generator

There’s a lot of options, so it makes sense to be confused, especially if this is the first time you’re hiring a web design agency. Here I’ll walk you through the options and try to explain a bit more about each. But if this is all confusing, don’t stress! I can always write the quote for you after a quick free web design consultation in person in the Bay Area or over Zoom or the phone.

The options

  • What size site do I need? Micro sites are only one page and don’t scroll very much. Small sites are one long scrolling page or multiple pages on the Squarespace platform. Medium (5-20 pages) and Large sites (20+ pages) are made on the WordPress system.
  • What if I want to DIY my own website, what does that cost? Awesome! In that case, you only need to pay for the hosting and domain registration fees (these are about $40-200/year total). Plus of course the time and energy to learn the system and design your content. If you want help learning, you can watch online tutorials, take an ecourse, or hire me for online private tutoring at the rate of $150/hour.
  • How many Pages & Posts do I need? Most soloprenuers need about 6 pages (a homepage, about, services, faq, contact, and blog are typical). If you have a blog, add in the number of posts you’d like to start with as well (3 is a good minimum) for the total Pages & Posts number. If you have other post types like products or portfolio items, add those as well!
  • Logo design This is optional- you can bring your own logo if you have one already, or just use a simple text name format. But if you’d like, we can make you one as an add-on to any package
  • Custom graphic Often you’ll realize you need a fancy infographic, photo editing, or an illustration as part of the website, and we’re happy to help! This button adds one, but feel free to add on more as needed.
  • Pop up marketing Need an email newsletter signup in your footer? That’s included in all packages. Want one that comes up in a modal lightbox/popup window? No problem! It just takes an extra hour of coding.
  • Sell things online Ecommerce can be a lot to configure, but it’s necessary for any online store. We use Squarespace or Woocommerce, but also can integrate Shopify or Etsy if you’d like.
  • SEO consultation You can add in a one hour search engine optimization consultation to your web project. You will sit down with an SEO expert and get training on how to add keywords effectively throughout your site. We will install necessary plugins together.
  • Membership site Do you want your users to login to your site? You can make your own social networking site or have restricted content for logged in users. Users can upload their own avatars and reset passwords.
  • Interactive map We can make powerful maps with custom markers, zoom, and mouseover effects, incorporating your blog posts or other items.
  • Filterable grid Want a fancy portfolio where you can sort by category like on this site? We can do that!
  • Advanced Social Media Integration Social media buttons or a Twitter/Instagram/Facebook feed on your site is included in all packages. If you want something fancier like importing all facebook posts into your blog, check this box.
  • Timeline You can show blog posts or custom events in a fancy chronological interactive infographic.
  • Translation button Change your site’s language with one click using advanced Google Translate into any of 30+ languages
  • Nonprofit discount For all do-gooders and educators working for a more just world… 501(c)3 paperwork is not required.
  • BIPOC discount For our Black and Indigenous friends, we want to support your projects!
  • Rush Job For anything on a tight turnaround, we’ll need to add 50% of the price. Subject to availability, please get in touch for a more accurate timeline. “Super rush” and same day websites are sometimes also possible.
  • Edits (hours) It’s impossible for anyone to 100% anticipate the amount of edits they’ll need; it’s part personality, part luck, part collaboration style. 2-4 hours is plenty for most clients.
  • Training (hours) It’s a great idea to add on a training session of at least an hour to your website so you feel more confident and capable making updates yourself. With 1-3 hours of practice, anyone can edit and update their own site. Don’t want to DIY it? We have maintenance packages for that!

The Fine Print

You pay your own hosting and domain registration fees (these are about $40-200/year total), these are not included in your quote. Sometimes plugins or theme licensing fees may be added to your invoice with prior approval.

Nothing is due up front, payment is accepted by checks only, and we have payment plans with no interest for one year. Estimates and quotes are not binding until a contract is signed and expire after 12 days.

Full terms and conditions available here.


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