Illustration and Digital Painting

Illustrations and digital image assets for your website or social media account are some of my very favorite projects to do!

Custom Illustrations Digital or traditional media drawing services to make custom illustrations of your scientific theory, anatomy drawings, or a comic-book-style infographic.

Paintings and drawings Want to commission a portrait of your beloved pug, or a painting of your cousin and his sweetie as a wedding present? I do this kind of work too, either digitally or in a traditional medium like acrylic paint on canvas. Just ask!

Our rate is $150/hour. To get a sense of what that gets you, $500 is the average for a custom icon, $800 for a black and white drawing or simpler vector illustration with a few colors, and $1,200+ for full-color illustrations like a multi-page infographic or comic book page with tyepsetting. More complex designs with custom illustrations can get pricier. We’ll quote your price based on our initial (free) conversation so you know in advance what to expect.

Ready, set, draw!

Let’s meet in person to sketch out some ideas and see if it’s a good fit