Let’s work together!

Here are the positions we currently have open for applicants.

Kick-ass client hunter

You are passionate about saving folks from their own poor taste and/or lack of judgment. You are persistent, resourceful, and clever. You love talking with new folks and maybe already know people who could use a website upgrade. Works on a straight commission model of 25% of all contracts referred (once finalized- that averages around 1,000 bucks a client).

I want you to be a missionary for good design (except never obnoxious!). Go forth and find the folks who could benefit the most from a better web presence and help them see the light. They may already be in your social networks! Work as little or as much as you like, from an hour a week to full-time. Work from home or anyplace else.

Interested in applying? Let’s pretend I’m the president of the Houston Area Ferret Association (disclaimer: I am not). Please send an email to me (actual trying to convince me that it might be time for a website makeover. Let’s assume you’ve been to a few meetings before but have not been formally introduced. Act like I’m the potential client.