logo design services

Need a new logo and not sure where to begin? It can be an intimidating process starting from scratch. You have a vision for your business, but how do we condense it into one perfect icon and word combo that expresses your unique self and all that you do? How does one pick from the infinite options? Ack! Take a deep breath, I’ve helped many folks in your same position. We will start with a conversation where I ask questions about your organization sketch out about ten different ideas. Then some simple questions about what you like and don’t like and we’ll be all set!

Have an existing logo that is too low-resolution? If it’s fuzzy in print or you can’t find a vector version, we can re-create it for you as an Adobe Illustrator (ai) file cleaner and crisper than before. We can also do simpler edits like making the background of your logo transparent or changing up the colors so the logo works on a dark background (for example).

For either, our rate is $100/hour. Simple edits can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes, while a fully researched and completed logo from scratch can be several hours ($3-500 is a good ballpark for a simple typeface design, though more precise designs with custom illustrations can get pricier).

Please get in touch to start your logo project!