New Website Design

single page web design cost cheapestmicro siteTeensy like a “coming soon” page, about the same amount of content as you could fit on a business card.1 simple page$500 Squarespace website cost calculatorsmall siteGreat for individuals, about the same amount of content as you’d find in a brochure- can include a blog.1-10 pages$1800 instant WordPress website cost calculator bay areamedium siteThink of it like an internet booklet, a bit more detailed like ecommerce or informational sections.10-50 pages$5250 50+ page WordPress website cost calculatorlarge siteThe same amount of content as a full book with sub-sections, lots of features and content.50+ pages$8250

I make beautiful websites of all shapes and sizes. Click on the (approximate) size of your desired website above to get an instant quote generated for you, no email or login required. I believe in straightforward, transparent pricing and offer discounts to people of color and nonprofits.

What’s the difference?

Mostly the difference in the packages above is just the number of individual web pages you need for your web site- things like the homepage, faq page, services page, contact page, etc all take time to build so increase the overall cost. One other difference is that Micro and Small websites are built on the Squarespace platform, which is easier to setup and maintain but more costly in monthly hosting fees. Medium and Large sites are built on WordPress, which is full of great features you can’t get anywhere else and cheap to host, but requires more monthly maintenance to stay up to date and secure. You can learn more about the differences between Squarespace and WordPress here, or just schedule a free consult and we can figure out which best suits your needs together.

Not sure what size website you need?

No problem, just schedule a free consult and we’ll sketch it out together. I can help consult with you on what folks in a similar profession need. Most Individual businesses like therapists, lawyers, and doctors do great with a small website, small businesses and nonprofits usually want a medium site to showcase more of their services and offerings, while larger businesses and educational nonprofits need a large site.

Already have a website in place and just want a redesign?

Great, we do tons of those, from just a quick style polish to a full-on makeover. Check out options for website redesigns here.

These are too expensive! What if I want to DIY my website? Is free web design possible?

Awesome, you may be more interested in my consulting and tutoring packages here. A great way to do it is have an initial 3 hour training session where we do the tricky technical setup together and train you on the platform, then I turn you loose to build the easy 80% of the site. You keep a list of things you can’t figure out how to do on your own, and we have another training session when you’re ready to tackle that list and do any advanced training you’d like. If you have literally zero budget, you can still take advantage of my 30 minute free website consultation and I’ll help the best I can, and you can check out the DIY Web Design resources in the archives.