The Hardest Part of Making Your Website

If you’re using a web designer to build your site for you, the actual coding, learning how to connect domain names, and image creation is off your plate-wohoo!

But that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook entirely, it still takes some effort to help make your awesome new website a reality. The biggest job on your plate is all about content creation: sourcing the images and writing the text that makes your site special.


What pages do you need for your website?

It can be intimidating to stare at a blank page. I recommend starting out by looking at other websites in your industry to see what kinds of pages they use- most websites have an about page, a services page, a contact page, and a home page. You might also want a page about your rates, what makes you different, or a store page. Make a list. Once you know which pages you’ll need, the next step is writing some draft copy for those pages.

Writing copy for your website

This can be really intimidating for folks! Remember that aphorism, the perfect is the enemy of the good. It means it’s better to have a website up with some text than to delay making your website forever; we can always make changes to the text later. But with that said, the more final your text and images are, the cheaper the revision process will be.

I find google docs or word documents work great to gather your thoughts and send to your website designer, one doc per page of your final site. Try to keep text content short and sweet- attention spans on the internet tend to prefer bite sized chunks, not huge essays.

Not much of a writer? If you need outsourcing help, please let me know, I have writers and photographers I work with I can connect you with. The good news is, you’re not alone. Let me know if I can support you in any way through this process (remember, it can be the hardest part!).

How to get photos for your website

Speaking of images, I can’t underestimate the value of great professional photos to make your site look its best. Invest in a professional headshot, you won’t regret it. Cell phone cameras are getting better and better these days, but there is still a difference.

There are also some really great free and paid stock photo sites out there, if you are looking for more generic images. If you need something unique like photos of your storefront or you in your office, it’s best to hire a pro.

Other website assets you may need?

learn unlearn relearn v2
Custom infographic I made for the Hustle & Play workbook

Looking for a photoshopped mashup of two images, or to remove the background from an image or a custom infographic, I can help with that!

You may also want to create a custom video for your site, I work with videographers all the time and can recommend one that is a good fit for your project. Otherwise, you can sometimes find free stock videos on youtube or vimeo that are embeddable on your site.

Got your content ready to go?

High fives! The hardest part of building your site is complete. Email your word docs and images to me and I’ll take care of the rest to make your site beautiful.

PS: If you’re building the site yourself, your work is not quite done yet! Check out my free DIY web design resources or get one on one help from a pro to get you started.


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