Tutoring and Consultations

I offer tutoring and consulting on many computer, art, and design topics for $150/hour in a coffeeshop or at your place. You can learn how to make your own website, find your way around Photoshop, or just get more comfortable with your Mac. Get individual attention from a patient, nonjudgmental expert at your own pace. There are also some free resources here I’ve made. Ready to get started? Schedule your one-on-one session, and I’ll help you out within the week.

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“Hunter was great! He was very patient and able to explain the basics and logic of Photoshop so that I had a good foundation to build upon. He also catered his teaching to our unique problems and was able to help me navigate between Photoshop and html coding.”-Anna T., Thumbtack.com
April 17, 2012

You can do anything with the right help

make the cloud work for you

I can help you set up iCloud so your iPhone plays nice with your Mac, which talks to your printer, or a remote backup service.
learn new skills

I used to teach professionally, and I love to tutor on the following topics:

art, painting, drawing, design and Photoshop skills, Web design,SEO, CSS, and HTML

optimize preferences

Just bought a new computer, or have you been suffering with yours for awhile now? Lets sit down and I’ll share with you how to set it up just how you like. Customize it to suit you!
wifi setup

Routers can be tricky. I’ll help you configure your wireless network at home or your office so it’s secure and trouble-free.
have fun!

It can be empowering and a big confidence-booster to learn new things. I’ll make sure all our sessions are enjoyable.
shortcuts and secrets

Did you know that command+W closes windows, or that command+N makes a new one? Wether you’re an expert or still in the stone age, I can help you use your computer faster, more efficiently, and with more confidence.
unleash your creative juices!

We all have an inner artist. Let yours come out to play!
backup solutions

They say if you only have your digital files in one place, you don’t really have them at all. I’ll walk you through how you can both use an external HD to back up your data, photos, and files, and also use an online cloud-service for extra security. A good rule of thumb is to have everything important in two places nearby, and one place far away.
general computer training

How do I work this @#&^% thing? Take a deep breath, and give me a call. I promise together, we can figure it out. Soon, it’ll all be smooth sailing.
setup iDevices

Let me load your new iPhone or iPad with your contacts, or show you how to download your smartphone’s pictures to your computer (and then put some of them back onto your phone for easy reference)!
make your own website

This can be a tricky process, with more options than you can shake a stick at. Who should you use to buy the domain name? What kind of hosting package do you need? I’ll help you make a game plan to get going, organize your content, and make recommendations based on years of experience.
security consultation

Do you use the same password for everything? One suggestion I make is to have a complicated but easy to remember string (like a phone number you already have memorized) and then incoroporate the first 3 digits of the website you’re making the password for before or after that string, so you use a different one for each site.
organizing files & photos

“Digital Asset Management” is one of my specialties! Whether it’s putting your iPhoto library into albums or cleaning up your desktop, I can help. Together, we’ll use metadata to make your files easier to find and more useful!
PC-Mac crossover training

I grew up on both PCs and Macs, and can help you bridge that divide. Did you know right-clicking on a PC is equivalent to control+clicking on a Mac?

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Use the form below to select your desired time slots for tutoring or consulting. All tutoring and consulting sessions are $150/hour with a 1-hour minimum. I can travel to you anywhere in the San Francisco bay area for a small additional fee, or we can meet over Zoom, on the phone, or in an Oakland coffeeshop- it’s totally up to you. Have some questions first? Email me!